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Jaclyn’s socks

They’re finished!  I finished up the toe and just before I started grafting I noticed a dropped stitch.  errrr!  So, I un-stitched back to two rows above the drop, picked up the stitches and then carried on.  The second time I made it to the end, voila!  I took pictures and added my first project to Ravelry.  I then took the time to add in all of my bamboo needles.  I didn’t add in the metal ones Mom brought me from Grandma, since I doubt I’ll ever use them.  They’re just sentimental.


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New yarn

Last month I took my mom to the Midwest Fiber and Arts show. She bought nothing, I spend more than I should have. I found some wonderful cotton yarn with which I hope to make a sweater (my second attempt). I also purchased some washable wool for socks. I’ve made several bulky socks from a simple pattern and plan on trying my hand at a finer knit sock. But first, I need to finish a replacement sock for my daughter. She loved the first set so much she put a hole in one.

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