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Dishclothes and shopping

God love dish clothes.  These simplistic easy to stitch little squares (well rectangles) that go together so smoothly.  I began one in a candy cane variegated  yarn, realized it had several errors, but finished it anyway.  I then quickly started another and finished in a few hours, starting and stopping as I got tired.  Then feeling guilty about the first, ripped it apart and re-knit it to match the second.  I now have four finished to give as gifts, although one is camo and not really holiday ready.  I might just whip up one more, although non-holiday in color, to give away.

Wanting to move past dish clothes, I sent my daughter to Joanne’s to purchase some needles and yarn.  I wanted to begin either a purse or a cabled hat.  She came back with almost all the correct needles.  She purchased a circular instead of the double pointed I asked for.  (she said they had “double points”)  Doll that she is, she obviously doesn’t know needles.


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Looking for a needle in a…

Certainly not a haystack, but I am looking for a needle – well lots of needles really.  A colleague of mine came up with the idea for a knitting club last week and the whole concept has just grown in scope and excitement.  At this point, I think we are more excited then the kids will be.  Although the process of locating yarn has been promising, needles have been a whole different point (wink, wink).  Hopefully, we’ll be piled high with supplies in the coming weeks.

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Broken needles

As mentioned in my last post, long ago that it was, I started working on an interesting scarf using size 2 needles.  After many attempts to get the scarf going, I had about and inch finished when I broke a needle.  No problem, I had four more.  I say “had” because when I got to about 2 inches I broke another one.  I guess I don’t know my own strength!  Bad joke, I know.  The project will be slow going as I need very good light, in order to see the very small stiches, and refreshed eyes.  Someday…

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