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Knitting Away in Mt. Prospect

My first knitting group!  I found them while searching through Ravelry groups.  We meet at Starbucks this evening for our first knit-in.

Knitting has always been a solitary activity for me so I wasn’t sure if I would be capable of multi-tasking – talking, listening, and knitting – without messing something up.  I took along the blue socks I’m knitting for my daughter.  I still had several rounds to knit before getting to the heel so I thought it would be a safe start.  I didn’t do too badly.  The heel has a bit of an uneven stitch on the slip stitch, but otherwise it looks ok, and I knitted all the way through the gusset.  (Of course, I don’t think I spoke but a few words while counting my gusset rows)

I had a wonderful chat with my new knitting friend, Abby.  We found that she lived in the same home town in Wisconsin as my parents.  Small world.  She also has a passion for socks, perhaps I’ll learn a few things.

I also found out that a local knitting shop has a free knit night twice a month.  They also offer finishing classes – I’ll need to take one of those!

Off to watch the Olympics and work on my instep.


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