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Ruffles on a scarf

After my frustrated bout with trying something new, I finished up the dish clothes and was still itching to do something different.  So I did a bit of research on the web, found a new pattern and took up my needles and the yellow yarn (that was bought for the purse, but was the wrong weight).  I wanted to teach myself how to knit a ruffle on the end of the scarf.  I tried following the pattern, several times in fact, but it wasn’t really working out for what I had in mind.  After a few attempts, I bagged the pattern and went with my own version.  My only question now, why does it have to curl at the edges?  I’m only about half way done with the length, my arthritis is acting up, so its slow but steady knitting.


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learning new stitches

I tried to begin two new projects yesterday.  A cute little purse by Rowan and a cable hat I found online.  Neither is going anywhere at the moment.  The purse has both cables and bobbles, neither have actually been used in a project, although I’ve tried cables before to practice. I found many videos online to help me understand the bobbles, but after many, many, many attempts at the bobbles, I concluded that the yarn I substituted was an incorrect weight.  Back online I went to order some of the recommended Rowen yarn.  Project status – on hold.  I started on the hat, easy enough, five double pointed needles, ribbing stitch.  Then came the increase.  I never knew you could increase on the purl.  Imagine that!  Back to the computer I went looking for videos, but they were lacking at best.  (there is one lady who does a good job, but she knits English and I don’t so it messes with my mind) I finally got that figured out, did a couple of rows and was having a devil of time keeping the yarn on my needles.  Tried the cable, I’m not sure if it’s the pattern or myself that is confusing.  But after several attempts at trying to understand and do, I again concluded that the yarn I had substituted was an incorrect weight, hence the problems.  So I’m back at the computer today to do a bit more shopping.  I think I’m paying way too much in shipping.

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Dishclothes and shopping

God love dish clothes.  These simplistic easy to stitch little squares (well rectangles) that go together so smoothly.  I began one in a candy cane variegated  yarn, realized it had several errors, but finished it anyway.  I then quickly started another and finished in a few hours, starting and stopping as I got tired.  Then feeling guilty about the first, ripped it apart and re-knit it to match the second.  I now have four finished to give as gifts, although one is camo and not really holiday ready.  I might just whip up one more, although non-holiday in color, to give away.

Wanting to move past dish clothes, I sent my daughter to Joanne’s to purchase some needles and yarn.  I wanted to begin either a purse or a cabled hat.  She came back with almost all the correct needles.  She purchased a circular instead of the double pointed I asked for.  (she said they had “double points”)  Doll that she is, she obviously doesn’t know needles.

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Knit zero purl even less

Does this say it all or what!  I finally gave up on the Olympics scarf.  I’ll take it up again for next year (hopefully).  I went back to my tiny scarf project, made a mistake that couldn’t be fixed, and ended up just ripping up the whole thing.  Ugh!  Frustrated and wanting to knit SOMETHING, I went back to dish clothes.  I love the feel and dry-ability of the Lily cotton so I thought I’d whip up a couple before the holiday, give a few as gifts, etc.  What I hadn’t planned on was getting sick, and loosing so much time sitting around.  I’m now back home and able to knit for brief periods as my IV site heals.  When will I be productive?

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Looking for a needle in a…

Certainly not a haystack, but I am looking for a needle – well lots of needles really.  A colleague of mine came up with the idea for a knitting club last week and the whole concept has just grown in scope and excitement.  At this point, I think we are more excited then the kids will be.  Although the process of locating yarn has been promising, needles have been a whole different point (wink, wink).  Hopefully, we’ll be piled high with supplies in the coming weeks.

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