Yarn balls

Not one of my favorite tasks.  Usually I can avoid it completely but I recently purchased some beautiful yarn that can not be used unless it becomes a ball first.  So, I started rolling, used my knees for a while, then my husband’s hands, then my knees again.  Surprisingly the ball itself wasn’t as big as I thought it would be.

Once completed I started work on a new scarf pattern.  I’m using a size 2 needle.  The smallest I’ve ever used and I’m not doing so well.  I’ve had to rip out and restart.  I’ve tried three times now and decided to quit for the night.  I keep dropping a stitch.  The pattern calls for every other row to be a purl stitch.  For some reason, my purl stitch is tighter than my knit and I’m finding it difficult to increase.  I’ll try again tomorrow.  Thank goodness I find the process relaxing, even if I get nothing done.


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