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Tiny knitting

I decided I didn’t want to do homework today so I pulled out my knitting instead.  I had lots of light so I thought I’d pick up the Tiny scarf.  I was a bit brain dead since I had to remember how to increase…

I finished a number of rows, I’m up to 33 stiches on the needle.  I need to get to 50 before I make the turn and the pattern will get interesting.  Some of my husband’s friends came in and started making fun of my scarf.  Although I must admit it doesn’t look like much of a scarf yet, unless it’s for a doll, a small doll.

I think this will be one of those on-going pieces that will take a LONG time.


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A Pain in the….Hand

I realize that I’m getting older, but I can do so without all the pain.  At times the arthritis in my left hand makes it difficult and painful to knit.  Perhaps I need to learn a new way to hold my needles?  Perhaps an arthritis med would help?  All I know is that I’m not get much knitting done.

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Too little time

Totally says it all.  I wanted to start something easy to take along on my evening knits so I started a Special Olympics Scarf.  It is easy.  It’s for a good charity.  Now I just need time to work on it.  Urrrrgh!

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Broken needles

As mentioned in my last post, long ago that it was, I started working on an interesting scarf using size 2 needles.  After many attempts to get the scarf going, I had about and inch finished when I broke a needle.  No problem, I had four more.  I say “had” because when I got to about 2 inches I broke another one.  I guess I don’t know my own strength!  Bad joke, I know.  The project will be slow going as I need very good light, in order to see the very small stiches, and refreshed eyes.  Someday…

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Yarn balls

Not one of my favorite tasks.  Usually I can avoid it completely but I recently purchased some beautiful yarn that can not be used unless it becomes a ball first.  So, I started rolling, used my knees for a while, then my husband’s hands, then my knees again.  Surprisingly the ball itself wasn’t as big as I thought it would be.

Once completed I started work on a new scarf pattern.  I’m using a size 2 needle.  The smallest I’ve ever used and I’m not doing so well.  I’ve had to rip out and restart.  I’ve tried three times now and decided to quit for the night.  I keep dropping a stitch.  The pattern calls for every other row to be a purl stitch.  For some reason, my purl stitch is tighter than my knit and I’m finding it difficult to increase.  I’ll try again tomorrow.  Thank goodness I find the process relaxing, even if I get nothing done.

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I’ve started and stopped four baby booties.  I probably shouldn’t have started in the first place as I do not have the correct sized needles.  The pattern calls for a size 1 and I tried using a size 2.5.  I thought it would be close enough.  Wrong!  I tried adjusting the pattern, that didn’t work.  I tried a different yarn, that didn’t work with either of the two attempts with that.  I finally gave up when I actually snapped the needle in half.  It must be the pattern.  At least that’s what I’m going to tell myself.

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